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Nature Based Services 

Be Like a tree, stay grounded , keep growing, and know when to let go.  - Tiny Buddha

Just NICE Wellness strives for holistic healing. Walk-and-talk therapy is an alternative to traditional virtual or in-office sessions. Numerous studies have shown that being in nature has a positive effect on overall health. Being in nature, exercising, and counseling creates a whole body experience.

When are the sessions? 

The sessions are on Tuesday & Thursday 8am - 11am 

Is this a cardio workout? 

These sessions are not intended to be a workout and your therapist is not a personal trainer. 

Where will we walk? 

Walking sessions are held on trails or tracks in the Parkville/Towson area. 

How does this work? 

The initial session will be over telehealth. We will discuss specific locations and time to meet for further sessions. 

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